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The Harsh Reality of Bra Shopping…ugh

10 Oct

Push Up Theory
Push Up Reality
Demi Theory
Demi Reality
Convertible Theory
Convertible Reality
Balconette Theory
Balconette Reality
Front Closure Theory
Front Closure Reality
Full Coverage Theory
Full Coverage Reality

Worlds Largest Gummy Worm: A real product! YUM

21 Sep

A New Point of View for your Pets! Doggie Window

12 Sep

NOTE: This is a real product available at the site above! Check it out or send to a friend 🙂
Let your pet see whats on the other side! Can be places anywhere on your fence and comes with an installation manual that can also be read online. What do you think? Good or bad invention? I think it’s great, as long as your dog isn’t the type that barks at every moving object even if it’s nowhere near your property! haha.

Inexpensive Trendy Clothes:

10 Sep

They have cute clothes for teens and petite women at inexpensive prices-especially in the SHOE department! Now did I get your attention? Make sure to also check out the SALE page. This site is reliable and so convenient! Let me know how your shopping experiences with goes.

Enter Coupon Code “GJSHIP60” and get Free Standard Shipping over $60!

ps. they have hot AND cutesy halloween costumes that are just in! not too expensive and can be ordered early 🙂 …oh god

10 Sep

Lucky us ! We can now experience all of the chaos and grossness of Walmart customers in the comfort of our own home. Under the “Photos” tab, you can even browse pictures from your own state! Please note: I also shop at Walmart but have the decency to not frighten children and adults alike while going out in public.

Here are some of the craziest pictures listed on the site: (ps. I’m sorry in advance but I know you wanted to LOL anyways)


Who Loves the Great Northwest? I DO !

9 Sep

For those who have a love/passion for the great NorthWest or Washington state, INTRODUCING FOREVERGREEN APPAREL. Please read below for an amazing story of a dream being brought to life by a friend of mine. Dwight Clark was a friend of mine and I want to share this brand with the world. Any questions or comments would be appreciated!

“Forevergreen Apparel would have just remained as a word on my binder if it wasn’t for my best friend, business partner, and fellow skateboarder, Dwight Clark. Dwight and I created Forevergreen together. Dwight was a Western Washington University Freshman when he was mysteriously taken from us in a tragic unexplainable accident on September 26th 2010. He was reported missing and his body was found on the shores of the Bellingham Bay October 6th. So it is my goal to ensure that my best friend and business partner is never forgotten. Our dream will never die. “A limb may fall but the tree still grows.” One of our goals together was to sponsor and build a public skatepark. That vision will be seen. Forevergreen Apparel is currently selling fundraiser shirts, all profits go into the Dwight Clark Skatepark Fund. Stay tuned in for future Dwight Clark Skate Plaza benefit events.

Thank you for the love and support,
-Gavin Aubert”

Shirts are only $15 and are great, long lasting quality just like the sweatshirts which are $25. Paypal and Credit Cards are accepted. Easy online ordering.


Finding the Best Deals on eBay

7 Sep

“Auction spelling mistakes = fewer bids = cheaper prices.
Typozay lets you find them. It’s safe, easy and free. ”

How it works

Search for “Harry Potter” on Ebay and you’ll find lots of auctions (with lots of bids). Search for “Hary Potter” though – and you’ll find far fewer auctions (with practically no bids). This is because no-one searches for the auctions with typos.

Generally, the fewer bids there are on an auction the lower the final price. Typozay lets you find common eBay misspellings for any item you like.

Happy eBay Bargain Hunting 😉