The Penny Prank

8 Sep
The Penny Prank

If anyone actually does this PLEASE post your results ! ;)

You start by leaving a penny in the shoe of a
person you live with. A wife or husband is a
good choice.

Next day, leave a penny somewhere else, by
the sink maybe. Or a nightstand, in the
middle of the room, just don't be obvious
about it.

Every day, leave a SINGLE penny in a
different place where your target is likely

He/she probably won't mention finding pennies
until the 4th or 5th day. Keep leaving SINGLE
PENNIES, ONE PER DAY, in odd places until
your target mentions finding them, and isn't
that odd?

DON'T BE INTERESTED. Act like you couldn't
care less about this, and change the subject.

On the next day, start leaving 2 pennies, in
different places.  Be creative. ONLY ONE
LOCATION PER DAY. Now your target will start
going crazy, trying to figure out what this
means. He/she will probably look to the
supernatural, thinking he's trying to be
contacted by the other side, etc.

If you want to be clever, use pennies 
with dates of special importance to your victim 
(birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) so much the better!

There is really no end to this prank, just go
very very very slowly, and you'll have to
come clean about it before your target calls
the police or Sylvia Brown or some local
witch doctor.

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